Thursday, July 12, 2012

Facebook Face!

Is staring down at your smartphone, updating your status making you ugly? Yes, yes it is!

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, out of the goodness of their hearts & with no ulterior motives, warn of the dreaded “smartphone face!” Constantly holding your head down to look at a laptop or smartphone may cause facial skin and muscle to lose elasticity, aka you'll be ugly & no one will love you...ever!

Look at the dreaded peril it has plagued on our youth! According to The Plastic Surgeons they're hideous & perfect candidates for skin-tightening treatments and chin implants!

"Damn you iphone! Damn you!"
"Can you see it if I go like this?!"
"I used to be a ladies man, now I'm just a victim of smartphone face!"
"3 months ago I was a stud but now, thanks to iphone, not even my own mother will look at me!"
"Smartphone face?! Nooooooooo"

"Compassion? Guess I better be nice, I mean who'd love a chin like this?!"
"You like my stripes? They really distract from my chins...damn it why'd I mention my chins?!"

"I stared at my iphone so much my eyes crossed & my jowls went loose! Why wasn't I warned? WHY?!"

"I'll never find a man with my sagging jowls! Plastic Surgeons please help!"

Plastic Surgeons, let me say thank you for protecting our youth from sagging jowls & ugliness!

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