Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Facebook... Keeping It Clean!

So, Last week I posted a link to a news article about Topless Jihad, this article to be exact:

And last night I received an message from facebook saying this post has been removed because it is obscene & if I post anything like this again my account will be deleted. The weirdest part is after I looked at the message it deleted & it's now as if it never existed. Shady facebook, very shady! Isn't that censorship?! It was a news story, but I guess freedom of press doesn't extend to facebook!

So let's take a look at what facebook considers obscene & not:

Obscene! This is just not right. That baby should be ashamed!
Hot Girls... profile picture now this is more like the kind of photos facebook wants us to post, classy ones! Not considered obscene at all?!
A breast cancer survivor who tattooed her chest, obscene & thankfully removed from facebook!
The profile picture from a Horny Girls page, this in no way is degrading to women & perfectly suitable by facebook standards!

This is considered obscene because that man is kicking her, right? Oh no, it's because of the nipples!
Another perfectly fine, by facebook standards, profile picture! 
So basically facebook is saying in a man's world everyone knows woman should only use their breasts in one way, to arouse men! To use them to feed a child, to empower yourself or to fight for equality well that's just plain obscene! Thanks facebook for helping keep women in our place!